Source code for captum.concept._core.concept

#!/usr/bin/env python3

from typing import Callable, Union

import torch
from torch.nn import Module

[docs] class Concept: r""" Concepts are human-friendly abstract representations that can be numerically encoded into torch tensors. They can be illustrated as images, text or any other form of representation. In case of images, for example, "stripes" concept can be represented through a number of example images resembling "stripes" in various different contexts. In case of Natural Language Processing, the concept of "happy", for instance, can be illustrated through a number of adjectives and words that convey happiness. """ def __init__( self, id: int, name: str, data_iter: Union[None,] ) -> None: r""" Args: id (int): The unique identifier of the concept. name (str): A unique name of the concept. data_iter (DataLoader): A pytorch DataLoader object that combines a dataset and a sampler, and provides an iterable over a given dataset. Only the input batches are provided by `data_iter`. Concept ids can be used as labels if necessary. For more information, please check: Example:: >>> # Creates a Concept object named "striped", with a data_iter >>> # object to iterate over all files in "./concepts/striped" >>> concept_name = "striped" >>> concept_path = os.path.join("./concepts", concept_name) + "/" >>> concept_iter = dataset_to_dataloader( >>> get_tensor_from_filename, concepts_path=concept_path) >>> concept_object = Concept( id=0, name=concept_name, data_iter=concept_iter) """ = id = name self.data_iter = data_iter @property def identifier(self) -> str: return "%s-%s" % (, def __repr__(self) -> str: return "Concept(%r, %r)" % (,
[docs] class ConceptInterpreter: r""" An abstract class that exposes an abstract interpret method that has to be implemented by a specific algorithm for concept-based model interpretability. """ def __init__(self, model: Module) -> None: r""" Args: model (torch.nn.Module): An instance of pytorch model. """ self.model = model interpret: Callable r""" An abstract interpret method that performs concept-based model interpretability and returns the interpretation results in form of tensors, dictionaries or other data structures. Args: inputs (Tensor or tuple[Tensor, ...]): Inputs for which concept-based interpretation scores are computed. It can be provided as a single tensor or a tuple of multiple tensors. If multiple input tensors are provided, the batch size (the first dimension of the tensors) must be aligned across all tensors. """